• Silver Color 9 Compartment Plates

Silver Color 9 Compartment Plate


This elegant plate is a part of our Royal Silver Thali Collection. This is a silver color nine compartment heavy-duty plastic plate especially made for Gujarati, Indian, and any event occasion that has many dishes to serve to guests. These silver nine compartment plates are also known as silver nine section plates. These plates are disposable plastic thalis. They have nine deep compartments and are made of heavy-duty plastic, to hold all that food that can be put in all of the eleven compartments. These nine silver section disposable plastic plates are custom designed for occasions that have a variety of many food dishes.

They come in pack of 50. 1 PACK = 50 Plates.

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Metallic Silver Color Food Grade Disposable Plastic


12.5 inches Diameter and 1.3 inches deep

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